Hereby, BC „Moldindconbank” S.A. reminds you about the provisions of the Chapter VI point 61 of the Regulation on holdings in bank equity, approved by the decision of the Administrative Council of the National Bank of Moldova no.127 of June 27, 2013, which establishes that direct and indirect holders of qualifying holdings in the equity of a bank, including ultimate beneficial owners, shall submit to the National Bank of Moldova, on an annual basis, no later than 30 April of the year following the reporting year:

– the questionnaire, according to the model set out in Annex no.41 to the mentioned Regulation and

– the declaration, according to the model set out in Annex no.1 or, where applicable, Annex no.2 to the Regulation on the calculation of voting rights and registration of the transfer of ownership of the bank’s shares, approved by the Decision of the Administrative Council of  the National Bank of Moldova no.130 of July 04, 2013.

The indicated regulations, including the model of the questionnaire and of the declarations, are available on the website of the National Bank of Moldova: and

The National Bank of Moldova recommends to submit the documents electronically to the official NBM’s e-mail: and on paper to the NBM address: 1, Grigore Vieru Avenue, MD-2005, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.