About us

We are always by the side of our employees and customers!

About Moldindconbank

For over 65 years, Moldindconbank has embodied the ethos of Mereu alaturi – Always by Your Side. Throughout our journey, we’ve navigated challenges and empowered countless customers to achieve their financial goals, whether it’s securing their first mortgage, embracing digital solutions, or launching their businesses.

Today, Moldindconbank, one of Moldova’s largest financial institutions, stands as one of the pillars of its banking system, boasting a market share of 20%. We take pride in our extensive branch network, market-leading payment card services and efficient money remittance solutions.

Our commitment to innovation is evident in our relentless pursuit of customer-centric digital solutions. From pioneering services like Cash-In and Cash-by-Code at ATMs to the convenience of our www.transfer.md portal, P2P by phone and contactless ATM technology, we continually strive to meet the evolving needs of our clientele.

Under the stewardship of Doverie United Holding, Moldindconbank has witnessed remarkable growth, achieving milestones such as the highest consumer loan portfolio growth, a leading mortgage loan portfolio, and robust profitability. This success reaffirms our position as a trusted financial partner in Moldova’s banking sector.

A Culture of Excellence

At Moldindconbank, we recognize that our greatest asset is our people. We foster a diverse, inclusive workplace where individual strengths are celebrated, and career development is prioritized. Through our partnership with Doverie United Holding, we attract and retain top talent, ensuring our team remains at the forefront of innovation and service excellence.

Our Leadership

Our Supervisory and Management Boards comprise individuals with diverse expertise hailing from seven countries, reflecting our commitment to openness and trust. Guided by a shared vision of customer-centricity and operational excellence, our leadership team drives Moldindconbank towards sustainable growth and societal impact.

Vision, Mission, and Values

From day one, Moldindconbank has been driven by a mission to serve not just the business community but every member of society. With over 1,600 dedicated employees, we deliver personalized banking experiences tailored to each customer’s needs. Our commitment to continuous improvement, supported by robust corporate governance mechanisms, ensures that Moldindconbank remains a pillar of trust and reliability in Moldova’s financial landscape.

In Closing

Always by Your Side is more than just a tagline – it’s a commitment we uphold every day, ensuring that every interaction with Moldindconbank is seamless, reliable, and enriching. We extend our gratitude to our customers, shareholders, and stakeholders for their unwavering support, as we continue to forge ahead on our journey of growth and prosperity together.