Mobile Banking

A mobile application that provides you with fast and secure access to your card accounts, directly from your smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet.

To subscribe you need:

  • a Moldindconbank card.
  • a smartphone or a tablet connected to the Internet.

Access at any time, from any device connected to the Internet.

Free of charge

No commission for using the service.


Secure transactions.


Save time by accessing and managing your accounts online.


  • Remote registration, with no need to go to the Bank.

  • Free registration, with the same login and password as in the Web-Banking system.

  • Fast authentication (without login and password), by setting the access code (5 digits) or with a fingerprint.


Transaction information:

  • Account data.
  • Graphical visualization and analysis of expenses.
  • Card account information, generation of bank statements.
  • Transaction history.
  • SMS-Notification- -activation/deactivation service.

Financial services:

  • Payment of personal loans in MDL.
  • Payment of services.
  • Money transfer to any card (P2P), including P2P by Phone.
  • Money transfer to IBAN account.


  • Card blocking/unblocking.
  • Transaction limits.
  • Transaction window.

Cash withdrawal:

  • Cash by Code service.
  • Cash in by Code service.


  • Fingerprint authentication (iOS 9.0+ and Android 6.0+).
  • Face ID authentication (iOS).
  • Setting the access code.
  • Generation of one-time passwords to authorize payments via Internet.
  • Template management.
  • Management of scheduled payments.
  • Geographical location of the Bank’s ATMs.
  • Adding the card in the Apple Pay/Google Pay applications.

Mobile Banking User Instruction

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Mobile Banking Terms of Use

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  • a Moldindconbank card.
  • a smartphone connected to the Internet.

Moldindconbank customer who has an active payment card.

The Mobile Banking service is accessible non-stop, except for periods when technical and maintenance works are carried out.

Access to all the facilities provided by the Mobile Banking service is absolutely free.